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Company History

Company History
Frankenmuth Fundraising started 25 years ago with vision and determination to provide the best fundraising opportunities to schools and organizations possible. Twin sisters, Nancy Keyes (President) and Lin Dibble (Vice President) along with Keyes husband, Michael (CEO) started the business in a one room facility, in the unique town of Frankenmuth, Michigan.

Today, Frankenmuth Fundraising is rated as one of the top fundraising companies in the United States. Our facility, which still resides in Frankenmuth, Michigan, has grown to 50,000 plus square feet. Our building also consists of our Outlet Retail Store which is open seven days a week within peak season. We staff 130 plus individuals in our peak season to provide excellent service to our customers.


A Word From Our CEO

Michael Keyes, CEO

Hello! Welcome to Frankenmuth Fundraising Corporation offering world famous food quality and the finest gifts and highest quality wraps in fundraising generating the most dollars for your organization. What makes our company the #1 Fundraising Company in the world is the service we offer to our customers. We have the best service staff committed to make your program the easiest you have ever run!
have my pledge to stand 100% behind everything we offer! 

Thank you, 
S. Michael Keyes
Frankenmuth Fundraising Corporation

Our Advantages

Services That Set Us Apart

We realize the increasing changes within the fundraising market and continue to develop new and exciting ideas, products and service in the market. Contact our customer service team to learn more about our new programs and services.

  • 100% Guarantee
  • Secure Website for Online Ordering
  • Largest In-house Service Staff
  • Online Billing and Invoice Viewing
  • Kick-off Assemblies
  • On Time Deliveries
  • Year-round Internet Ordering

Why Choose Us

Frankenmuth Fundraising will generate
the most dollars for your school. Why? Because we are committed to our customers.


Top reasons why we are #1:

  • Products People Want
  • Brochures Designed to Sell
  • Exceptional Service
  • Great Prize Programs